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Celebration Assembly – 13th May 2022

Our certificates in KS1 this week were awarded for a number of great reasons including brilliant recalling of a story, creating fabulous speech bubbles that included inverted commas, being a good example to their peers, having a very mature attitude to home learning, making much improved progress in tests and for generally being a proactive learner and always trying their best.

In KS2 it was SATs week, so a number of certificates focused on the core learning skills of concentration, focus, problem solving, perseverance and applying their knowledge to their learning.

Buddy Awards

There were some lovely reasons for Buddy awards this week, as we heard how our winners had shown kindness and consideration, helped children that were hurt and had made up games on the playground for other children to play. Class 2B were recognised for helping their teacher all week with their great behaviour, especially being quiet and well behaved during the Year 2 tests. Well done and thank you to all of our buddies for setting high standards of helpfulness and kindness across our school.

Key Word Certificates

It was also great to award several key word certificates to the Year 2 children shown below, who despite sitting SATs tests this week, still found time to practise their key words at home.

Pen Licences

Huge congratulations to Ava and Mason who have earned their pen licences for the high levels of handwriting displayed across all of their work. Well done!

PE Superstars

Mrs Axelson awarded our boccia and curling teams with their official competition certificates this week. Well done Team Friars!

It was also great to celebrate a brilliant result out of school as we heard how Rosie, Sophie and Abigail won this amazing gold cup in a recent cheerleading competition. Excellent result and well done to you all!


This week Class 5BW won the KS2 attendance cup with 98.7% but it was 1B who recorded the best attendance of the week to win the KS1 attendance cup. Their figure of a near perfect, 99.7% meant that they held onto the cup for the second week running. Well done 1B.

Team Points

Friars turned green this week as Stormont rose to the challenge by winning both the KS1 and KS2 weekly team cups. Caernarfon stay out in front but just one point now separates Stirling and Windsor in second and third places. However, after their brilliant week, its Stormont who made the most ground on the teams above them in the race for The Friars Cup!

Congratulations to all of our winners this week!


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