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Celebration Assembly – 20th January 2023

It was a very cold week but that didn’t stop the children at Friars from being brilliant as always, with another great selection of awards given out in our celebration assembly.

KS1 awards

Year 1 certificates were awarded for;

  • Settling to early morning work quickly

  • Always concentrating on learning and working independently

  • Being a great role model by always sitting smartly on the carpet, ready for learning

  • Working independently on their science work about winter.

Year 2 certificates were equally as great, being awarded for’

  • Always doing their best and being brilliant in all of their work

  • Responding well to feedback to improve their learning

  • Giving super effort in English and maths, all week

  • Perfect handwriting and being ready to join letters

Buddy awards

Each week our Buddy Awards are nominated by our children. This week these children were seen looking after other people when they were upset, drawing a picture for a friend to say thank you and being helpful at playtimes.

These all sound like great reasons to earn a Buddy award…well done and thank you for being a great example to the other children in your class!

Key Word Certificates

We awarded 19 key word certificates this week – well done everybody!

Rainbow Readers

Well done to Teo and Harry in 1BR for earning their green and indigo Rainbow Reader awards respectively this week. An excellent achievement for all of the reading you are doing at home.

KS2 Awards

Yet again a great set of certificates awarded in KS2, right across the curriculum and for a range of great reasons.

In Year 3 our certificates were awarded for;

  • Creative, innovative poetry

  • Building confidence and taking more learning risks

  • Beautiful handwriting

  • Always being engaged, hardworking and involved in lessons

  • Huge improvement in behaviour and making good choices

In Years 4 we heard about;

  • Putting learning into practice

  • Trying hard, applying learning and improving understanding

  • Improving writing by listening to feedback

  • Focusing on school work despite having a new baby brother at home

Years 5 received their awards for;

  • A fantastic understanding of column addition

  • Improved pace and quantity in writing

  • For overcoming their fears about swimming, to grow in confidence

  • For increased confidence in maths

It was a similar story in Year 6 as children received awards for;

  • Maths improvements in times tables

  • Answering and asking amazing questions in layered reading

  • Writing super Rosa Parks newspaper reports

  • Being a fabulous all round learner

  • Amazing area and perimeter work in maths


This week our mathemagicians were Jessica (5BW) and Riley (6B) who wowed Mrs Pinckney with their perseverance, increased confidence and independence in their maths lessons. A great job by both of you!

Computing Class of the Week

The Computing Class of the week were Class 4D who showed great attitude and commitment to trying new things as they got to grips with the new concepts in their computing lesson. As their digital leader, Kendrick collected the award on behalf of his class.

Special Assembly Shout Outs

Shout outs went to Taylor, Rosie and Jessica (5BW) and Riley (6B) for being all round brilliant this week!

Sports Superstars

Our Sports Superstars were our ‘Sports Hall Athletics’ team that represented the school so well at Garons. Well done to you all and thank you for doing the school proud this week.


Our whole school attendance stood at 95.2% this week.

Class 2S won the KS1 Attendance Cup with 96.7%, while up in KS2, we had a perfect week from Class 4S who recorded the magical 100% to win the KS2 Attendance Cup.

Well done 4S, a great achievement!

Team Points

Team points have been held over until next week, so it’s a rollover next Friday and even more points to be earned.

Will Stirling be the first team past the 500 points mark?

Will Stormont hold onto 2nd place?

Who will be in fourth place Windsor or Caernarfon?

All will be revealed here next Friday.

Congratulations to all of our winners this week!


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