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Celebration Assembly – 20th May 2022

Another fabulous week full of great focus, brilliant attitude and successful learning!

In Key Stage 1 this week, children were awarded their certificates for producing fabulous homework, developing their independent writing and for being all round superstars!

The children in Year 2 were also recognised for the brilliant concentration, and application of their knowledge and skills in their SATs this week. Well done KS1, a great job this week!

There were a whole host of wonderful reasons for certificates to be awarded in Key Stage 2 this week. First we heard about independence in writing, times table brilliance, amazing and improved writing, increased confidence and concentration, producing excellent ideas and about fabulous effort in subjects such as French and art.

It was then great to award KS2 children for being kind and helpful as their teachers celebrated those who had been enthusiastic, considerate, helpful and reliable in their classrooms.

Finally, Mrs Pinckney complimented Class 4S on their brilliant computing effort this week and also awarded Mrs Kipling in 4B a certificate for her ongoing support and for really getting on board with the new technology taught to Year 4 this week. Mrs Kipling even admitted that she had learnt a lot in the lesson as well!

Buddy Awards

We had a great number of Buddy awards this week as in Year 1, children were nominated for being a really good friend to others. In Year 2, a whole group were nominated for their fabulous collaborative team work. Well done to our buddies for showing how the school values should be applied in real life!

Pen Licences

A very big well done to Bradley G for earning his pen licence this week. As with all of our licencees, Bradley has displayed consistently well presented, correctly formed and correctly sized joined handwriting across all of his work. Congratulations!


Class 2S were very happy to win the KS1 Attendance Cup this week with 96.8%. In KS2, Class 5BW held onto the cup for the second week running, with a best in school figure of 99%.

Across the school our attendance took a dip this week standing at 91.3% as chicken pox and sickness bugs hit our school. We are hoping to bounce back again next week to our usual high figures as everybody becomes well again.

Team Points

In Key Stage 1 this week, it was Stirling who won the Team Cup. In KS2 the Team Cup was been won by Caernarfon who were the runaway winners.

This week we employed the help of several eager volunteers to share the news that a weekly win has allowed Caernarfon to maintain the lead in the race for the Friars Cup. Stirling and Windsor can’t be separated in second place and Stormont have just 8 school weeks to catch the other teams as they trail in fourth. Who will be victorious come 21st July…we will wait and see!

Congratulations to all of our winners this week!


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