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Celebration Assembly - 21st April 2023

KS1 Awards

Well done to our KS1 certificate winners this week who were recognised by their teachers for such great reasons as superb knowledge of writing tools, improved writing stamina, super independent writing, excellent use of research notes in writing, improved all round writing, working hard on maths number bonds to 20 and striving to work independently.

Buddy Awards

Our buddies this week were nominated for;

  • Helping a friend with work

  • Playing with people who needed a friend

  • Making a diamond for a friend

  • Comforting a friend who was upset

Well done to Sonny, Harrison, Albert and Nicky for demonstrating these fabulous and kind skills to help others.

Computing class of the half term

The computing class of the week were Class 2S, for their amazing team work when using their coding skills to move programmable robots. Well done 2S we hope you enjoy having the trophy in pride of place in your classroom.

KS2 Awards

Our Year 3 and Year 4 awards were given this week; for using personification with great effect, for super environmental work, for excellent writing and maths learning, for demonstrating great understanding in geography, for working hard and for always being ready to learn.

Across Years 5 and 6, the children were awarded for; great participation in class discussions, amazing long division work, concentration when calculating BODMAS, perseverance in swimming, all round effort and concentration, brilliant writing, great behaviour and super use of personification in written work.

Maths Wizards

Mrs Pinckney’s maths wizards were Ethan in Year 6 for hard work in his maths lessons and Edward in Year 5 for his brilliant fractions work.

Sports Super Stars

This week our Sports Super Stars were our Tri Golf team who competed so brilliantly at Garons last week. Well done Team Friars and we look forward to many more successes in the future.

Outstanding Out of School Achievement!

This week we also wanted to recognise one of our Year 4 children, Sophie Sanders who recently travelled all the way to Amsterdam in The Netherlands for a cheerleading competition at the beginning of April.

Sophie has been training for the last year for this competition and it has been very challenging at times. However, with all of her hard work, determination and practice, she was lucky enough to be selected for not just one but two teams - Thunder Cats and Lightning.

The competition was intense but we are very pleased to share that Thunder cats placed 1st out of 10 teams in their field, while Lighting placed 3rd out of the 4 teams in their category.

Sophie gave it everything she had and her family, friends and all of us at Friars are all super proud of her!

Not only did Sophie get to compete while in Amsterdam, she also managed to fit in some cultural experiences as well and she loved exploring Anne Frank's house which she has been looking forward to telling Mr Smith all about. What a fantastic experience – well done and congratulations Sophie!

Attendance Class 2S won the KS1 Attendance Cup this week with 97.5%, while in KS2 it was Class 3KA who won the Attendance Cup with an impressive 98.5%.

Our overall whole school attendance also improved as we recorded 95.8% across the school.

Team Points

Stirling did the double this week as they won the team cup in both KS1 and KS2. As a result they become the first team past the 800 points mark and look to be running away with the race for the Friars Cup this year. Can they be caught? Watch this space to find out.

Well done to all of our winners this week!


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