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Celebration Assembly 24th February 2023

We started the second half of the spring term in style with some fabulous certificates awarded for a brilliant range of reasons.

KS1 certificates

This week our Year 1 certificates were awarded for always sitting smartly, being ready to learn, applying themselves well to their learning and being super helpful in class.

The Year 2 children were recognised for equally great reasons including; reading with great expression, concentrating on their work, super mental recall of number facts and for writing brilliant sentences with capital letters and full stops.

KS2 certificates

Year 3 were awarded their certificates this week for showing perseverance in maths, increased independence, hard work and effort, for never giving up and for using great vocabulary in their extended writing.

Equally great, Year 4 were recognised for listening and applying their learning to include all aspects of good story writing to their work and brilliant maths work.

Year 5 certificates were given out for listening and responding to constructive criticism to get great results, incredibly emotive, rich descriptive writing and amazing improvements in swimming.

While, Year 6 children were awarded for persevering and focusing hard on a very tricky DT task during the Mayan Hook day. Additionally, writing in a very sensitive and mature way and for showing excellence when using negative numbers in maths.

Buddy Awards

We love the Buddy awards at Friars because they showcase those children who not only impress their teachers but also their friends, by demonstrating kindness to others. Well done to Leo, Sonny, Ethan, Aaliyah, Liam and Taylor who have looked after a friend when they fell over, helped a friend, helped to keep the classroom tidy, helped a friend during their OPAL session, been super kind and accommodating of others and helped a friend put their lunchbox away.


Congratulations to Arnolds (Year 6) and Brooke (Year 5) who were recognised by Mrs Pinckney as her mathemagicians this week. Arnolds for always working hard and Brooke for challenging herself in her maths work.

Computing Class of the Week

Mrs Pinckney had no hesitation in nominating Class 4D as her computing whizz kids this week, highlighting their enthusiasm and attentiveness to their new ‘data’ topic as the reason for their award. Kendrick and Bradley collected the award on behalf of their class.

Wellbeing Forum

This week we also awarded the very smart, light blue ‘Wellbeing Ambassador’ badges to our Friars Wellbeing Forum.

Thank you for volunteering to take on this important pupil role for our school. We reminded the other children that should they have a problem that needs to be raised regarding a mental health or wellbeing issue, they can talk to one of these children who will raise the points on their behalf at our next meeting.


The Attendance Cups this week went to Class 1BU in KS1 and Class 6B in KS2, who both recorded 98.8% attendance. Our overall school figure also rose this week to 94.7%.

Team Cups

Blue was the colour this week as Stirling won the Team Cup in both KS1 and KS2 to cement their lead in the race for The Friars Cup as they become the first team past 600 points.

Well done to all of our winners this week!


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