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Celebration Assembly 24th November 2023

KS1 Awards

This week our KS1 certificates were awarded to our Year 1 and Year 2 children for:

  • Remembering so much about evergreen and deciduous trees

  • Always trying hard and giving their best effort in everything they do

  • Sharing a book sensibly

  • Super effort with handwriting and presentation

  • Working independently to create compound words

  • Responding to feedback, especially in writing

  • Being a fabulous learner through listening and responding to feedback

Buddy Awards went to…

  • Harry for helping a friend find their book bag

  • Colby for helping out with the milk

  • Edward for being kind and helpful when someone hurt their knee

KS2 Awards

This week our KS2 certificates were awarded to our Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 children for:

  • Effort in PE

  • Really great work in Art and D&T

  • Excellent verbal responses which included very clear explanations

  • A positive attitude towards school

  • An outstanding work ethic

  • Working hard in every single lesson

  • Doing extra learning at home about the Ancient Egyptians

  • Hard work and great scores in times tables

  • Joining in with discussions after being quiet at the beginning of the year

  • Enthusiasm in reading

  • Good group work when learning about compass points

  • Working carefully in pairs – teaching and learning together

  • Great learning and work in this week’s tests

Computer Award

This week’s Computing Award went to 3B for their animation work. Great job 3B!


This week’s attendance winners were 1MV in Key Stage 1 and 5BW in Key Stage 2. You will remember that 1MV were very regular winners last half term… could they be back on form?

Team Points

A 44-point lead sees Caernarfon out in front in the race for the Friars Cup. It is still incredibly tight between the other three teams with only 8 points separating second to fourth. We are not even one-third of the way through the year so it can and likely will all change… Good luck everyone!


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