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Celebration Assembly 3rd March 2023

It was our Book Week this week, so our school hall was literally a sea of colour and costume as the children enjoyed our dressing up day assembly.

It was an amazing assembly made even better by the Reception children, who joined a whole school assembly for the first time. As always certificates were awarded for a whole host of brilliant reasons.

KS1 certificates

Our Year 1 certificates were awarded for;

  • Amazing work about being safe in the sun

  • Super recall of facts and information about the Great Fire of London

  • Great maths work

  • Very neat work in science

In Year 2 the children were recognised for;

  • Making a super contribution in class

  • Amazing writing stamina

  • Improved reading and phonics skills

  • Using technical vocabulary in their explanations and answers to questions

KS2 certificates

Key Stage 2 children were awarded for equally great reasons.

In Year 3, the children were all awarded around their amazing maths work including;

  • Continued efforts in maths

  • Super times tables work

  • Being a complete delight in maths lessons

  • For developing greater confidence in maths

In Year 4, certificates were received for;

  • Making amazing ‘spot on’ contributions to a range of lessons

  • A super use of historical knowledge in writing

  • Always maintaining a positive attitude to learning

  • Improving their focus and concentration when learning

In Year 5, the children were acknowledged for;

  • Simply getting on with their work without a fuss and always trying their best

  • Very effective use of charcoal in their art work

  • Being a helpful member of the class

  • Helping other classmates to understand new concepts

In Year 6, the certificates largely focused around writing as children were awarded for;

  • Improving their resilience when responding to writing feedback

  • Showing a huge improvement in handwriting

  • Amazing independent, extended writing

  • Attention to detail when creating a very intricate, Mayan necklace


Mrs Pinckney’s Mathemagicians this week were Tilly (Year 5) who has displayed amazing perseverance in her work and Jeffrey (Year 6) who always has such a positive ‘can do’ attitude to everything he tackles in maths. Well done to both of you!

Computing Class of the Week

This week’s computing superstars were Class 6B, whose work, evaluating and improving games blew Mrs Pinckney away. The class Digital Leaders - Logan, McKenzie and Kyle collected the ward on behalf of their class.

Special Assembly Shout Outs

Firstly, the reception children received a shout out from Mr Roche for sitting so beautifully and sensibly in their first assembly. They were amazing and showed how confident and settled they are by being completely unfazed by all of the excitement. Well done Owl and Robin Classes.

Mrs Dyer led a shout out to our amazing KS2 choir who sang so beautifully at The Palace Theatre this week. They were true stars and although we are obviously biased and thought it anyway, we were told by others that they were the best primary school in attendance. Well done and thank you for representing our school so well.

A special shout out was also given to Mrs Dyer who gives up a lot of time to get the choir reaching the amazing heights they have recently. Thank you for your dedication to our singing at Friars.

Other assembly shout outs also went to Kaydee and Toby in Year 5 and Lexi and Gracie in Year 1.


Class 1BU won the Attendance Cup again in KS1 with 96.3% while up in KS2 the Attendance Cup was won by Class 4D, who recorded our best in school figure of 98.3%.

Our whole school attendance figure stood at 94.1% this week.

Team Cups

In KS1 it was Stirling again who took the KS1 Team Cup. However, Windsor managed to stop their whole school dominance by claiming the KS2 Team Cup this week.

At present the scores on the doors are;

Well done to all of our winners this week!


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