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Celebration Assembly – 9th December 2022

After a very busy week, full of rehearsals for Christmas performances and Winter Wonderlands, our celebration assembly had a festive feel to it today.

Here are all of our winners…

KS1 awards

It was lovely to see such a wide range of reasons for certificates to be awarded in KS1 this week, as class teachers recognised;

  • Increased confidence in class and around school

  • Marvellous maths 3D shape work

  • Always being ready to learn

  • Much improved writing

  • Super learning of lines for the Christmas production

  • Writing super sentences

Buddy awards

Each week, KS1 classes vote for the children who have demonstrated kindness and helpfulness in their classes. This week our buddies were Eddie, Esther, Benji and Zac, who helped with tidying up, helped a friend to read their words, helped children walk along the corridors safely and sensibly and made a friend a picture respectively. Thank you to our buddies!

Rainbow Readers

Our Rainbow Readers this week were Ozzy (green), Lexi (orange) and Toby (yellow) from Class 1BU and Alex (red, yellow and orange) and Harrison (yellow) from Class 1BU. Well done for reading at home!

Sports Super Stars

This week we celebrated four children that represented the school at the Panathlon Swim Challenge event at the Olympic pool in Stratford. Well done to Oliver, Teddy, Isabelle and Benji for representing our school so well and for being our KS1 Sports Super Stars.

Computing Awards

Mrs Pinckney recognised Class 2S as the Computing Class of the week for their focus and engagement during their computing lesson. Mrs Pinckney was very impressed with the caring and thoughtful nature shown by the children as she battled with illness. Thank you 2S and well done Mrs Pinckney for still managing to teach this week despite having virtually no voice!

Daisy collected the award on behalf of 2S.

Assembly Shout Outs

This week a special assembly shout out went to all of Year 1 for being super stars during their Winter Wonderland afternoon. Well done Year 1!

Mrs Snow also gave a shout out to Eddie in 1BU for being a super inquisitive scientist when looking at frost on the playground at break time.

KS2 Awards

Our certificate winners in KS2 were celebrated right across the curriculum for attitude to learning, behaviour, excellent work, great progress, perseverance, resilience and problem solving to name but a few. Basically, if you can name a great learning skill to have…one of our children demonstrated it this week, proving that however busy things are at Friars, there is always great learning still happening in every classroom.

Our two Year 3 classes, 3JD and 3MV were recognised for their brilliant attitude and behaviour this week when working with different teachers, especially during their super Winter Wonderland sessions.

Additionally, our amazing ‘mathemagicians’ this week were Tilly in 5A who has been demonstrating outstanding participation in her maths lessons and Oliver W in 6B for being a very good all-rounder, who always displays a positive attitude and good work ethic to his maths learning.

Pen Licence

Congratulations go to Jayleigh in Class 4S for earning her pen licence this week. A ‘handwriting related’ shout out also goes to Billy and Reggie in 4S for earning back their pens this week, after demonstrating consistently well formed, joined handwriting. Well done to all three children from 4S.

Computing Awards

Our team of Digital leaders were acknowledged for completing the ‘Internet Legends’ training course this week.

Well done to all of our computing whizz kids!


Class 1BU won this week’s KS1 Attendance Cup with 92%

Our best attendance of the week, in an illness hit week, was achieved by Class 5A who recorded a very impressive 98%.

Our whole school attendance recovered slightly to 91% this week. We wish everybody who is suffering from the coughs, colds or sickness that is doing the rounds at the moment, a speedy recovery.

Team Points

Stormont won the Team Cup in KS1 this week, while in KS2 Stirling took the Team Cup to solidify their lead at the top of the tree in the race for the Friars Cup.

As the first team past the 400 points bracket, it certainly looks as if Stirling will be leading at Christmas.

Congratulations to all of our winners this week!


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