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Drumming Workshop by Jeff Rich from Status Quo

On Wednesday 5th June, we had a very special visitor to Friars… Jeff Rich from Status Quo! Jeff was a drummer in Status Quo for many years and now visits schools to share his experiences and perform workshops. Jeff had previously visited Friars but that was some years ago.


Jeff runs workshops for Key Stage 2 children, and after telling everyone his background he got straight onto showing his talent and skills. It was a very interactive session and many children had an opportunity to be involved. The feedback from children and staff was excellent and no doubt we will be seeing Jeff again which will be great for our children further down the school.

“I really liked all the different instruments and it was such a fun experience and all the rhythms were amazing.” – Sophia, Year 3 Music Ambassador


“On Wednesday there was an assembly about the different drums and people playing the drums. At the end, year 5 and 6 went up to play the different instruments. After, year 3 and 4 could play the instruments. What I really enjoyed about it is when the sound got loud then quiet.” Skyla, Year 4 Music Ambassador


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