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Gemma’s Farm Visit

Reception and Year 1 had a fabulous visit from Gemma’s Farm and the weather was really good to us! The children were able to have real hands-on experience with the animals. There were goats, sheep, ducks, ponies, rabbits, guinea pigs, chicks, chickens and a ferret!

The children loved learning about the different animals. We discovered what they were called, what they eat and how to look after them. We had a look at the ferret’s teeth and noticed how sharp they were. The children also found out how bendy he was! The duck’s webbed feet were impressive and it was interesting to learn that they have no feeling in them at all!

The children enjoyed holding and stroking the different animals and there were opportunities to brush some of them. They loved doing this and the animals seemed to really enjoy this too.

The goats were given some leaves to eat and we bottle-fed the sheep some milk.

Behaviour was impeccable. Everyone was lovely, gentle, and very caring towards the animals. It made us all very proud!


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