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KS1 and KS2 Cross Country Competition

On Friday 6th October, we headed to Garons Park for the annual Southend Cross Country Competition. In the morning it was the turn of KS1 and in the afternoon KS2.

The event is always very well attended by the schools in Southend and the level of competition is high. With typically well over one hundred children in each race – the Year 4 boy’s race had almost 140 – you can imagine how exciting it is. The KS1 children ran 900 metres, Years 3 and 4 1250m and Years 5 and 6 1600m. We had two practices beforehand and I must say you could see the improvement when it came to the actual event. Our team did a fantastic job and every single runner did their very best. Several of our team had to show real resilience after being blocked or bumped during the busy starts. They kept going and did themselves proud.

We will take part again next October, so if your child is interested in participating please do encourage them to get running over the next year. One great way for children to take part in running is to pop along to a Junior Parkrun. The closest one to us is at Hawkwell on Clements Hall Recreation Ground : Junior Parkrun sees the children run 2km and they are very well organised, super friendly and the children receive an official time.

With so many runners, photography was tricky but please do enjoy the gallery of snaps we managed to take.

We will be giving out certificates in this Friday’s Celebration Assembly. Well done Team Friars!


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