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Remembrance Assembly

This morning we held our annual Remembrance Assembly for Years 2 through to 6. All of the children came into and left the hall extremely well, and sat listening in respectful silence.

4D took the assembly. Each child had been given their words before the October half-term, giving them the opportunity to become confident when reading them as some children had some tricky words to read. This week the children read through their words in order, in class and on Wednesday and Thursday, we were able to practise in the KS2 hall as a whole class.

The main theme for the assembly was remembering. The children spoke about things we find easy and difficult to remember. Certain things, such as Christmas and our birthdays are easy to remember; our PE kits and homework are not always easy to remember.

We then moved on to explaining what we are remembering at this time of year – the men and women who have served in the army, the Royal Air force and the Royal Navy, those soldiers who have returned injured, both mentally and physically and those who had not returned.

The children were reminded about why we wear poppies, the importance of poppies and why the poppy was chosen as the symbol by which we remember those who have lost their lives protecting us from harm.

As 4D’s class teacher, I am extremely proud of the children in my class. I know that they were very nervous but they did incredibly well, speaking loudly, clearly and at a pace that meant that everybody who was present heard every word that was spoken especially as they were speaking about such an emotional theme. Well done 4D – you worked hard to achieve an amazing result and provided a fitting tribute to those who gave their own lives in service to their country.


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