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Reptiles visit EYFS and Year 1

On Monday the 20th March the EYFS and Year 1 children on Friars Primary School and nursery, were lucky enough to enjoy a visit from Reptiles Etc. This term the children have been learning about animals and their habitats and were given this opportunity to explore some unusual creatures that they may not have met before. Rangers Katie and Chelsea made the session both informative and interactive. The children met a variety of animals including giant African snails, pygmy hedgehogs, rats, corn snakes and a bearded dragon named Pete.

The children were thrilled to observe how the animals moved and learn how they use their physical features to catch prey and survive in the wild.

The highlight of the trip was when the children had the opportunity to play a real life version of ‘Snakes and Ladders’ with two visiting corn snakes. The children created the ladders with their legs.

Mrs Clifton, EYFS phase lead reported “We were fascinated at how brave and indeed how caring the children were when handling the animals. They remained amazingly calm and even helped some of the teaching staff face their fears. The experience was totally unique and helped promote a wealth of learning in our science and understanding the world areas of learning for the rest of the half term. It was such fun having hands on science before our eyes”


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