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Southend Makes Music – 2023

On Thursday 2nd March the Friars KS2 choir performed at the Southend Makes Music event at the Palace Theatre, Westcliff. It was a fabulous evening.

At just after 7:15pm the children from Friars choir stepped on to the stage at the Palace Theatre. They were excited and nervous, but they were ready. They have been practising for weeks for this moment, regularly turning up for rehearsals on a Tuesday evening after school, giving up their own time and going over the songs, learning exactly where to sing softly and when to raise the volume, when to slow down and when to give it everything they had. They looked exceedingly smart and stood waiting for the music to begin.

The choir were singing ‘A Million Dreams,’ from The Greatest Showman and ‘Sing,’ by the Carpenters. The children overcame their nerves and sang the two songs perfectly, it was amazing – they sang together harmoniously and the applause at the end showed just how much the audience had enjoyed and appreciated their efforts and hard work.

As the curtain came down, the children waved to their grown-ups in the theatre. It was over, it seemed to go so quickly but all of that practise had been worth it for the final performance.

Now they could relax and enjoy the other performances from the other primary, secondary and music schools.

Thank you to all of the children for your effort and commitment and thank you to your parents and carers for picking you up after school and getting you to and from the Palace Theatre……

……Now, it is time to start practising for the next big event at the Cliffs Pavilion in June.

Mrs Dyer


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