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Year 4 visit Friars Baptist Church

On Wednesday 28th September, our Year 4 children visited Friars Baptist Church to give some real-life context to the work around ‘worship’ that they have been learning in RE this term.

It was a really great visit and the children enjoyed hearing about the different ways that the Baptist faith worship from the Rev. Duncan Keys.

Rev Keys explained what worship is and why it is important before explaining the different ways that Christians meet together in his church to worship.

Hearing all of this from the perspective of a Baptist minister is really important for the children to then compare how different religions or even branches of the same religion practice their faith.

Abigail also gave up her own time to write this report as well

On Wednesday we went to a church across the street. When we arrived we entered through the brown wooden door, we looked around and we were amazed! The roof was so tall and there were also posters about God and Jesus. After that the person who was in charge of the church was answering our questions it was so much fun! Next we listened to the songs they sing. He told us on Sundays they are really busy because they collect food to give to people that’s free! How nice is that?

Abigail 4S


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