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Year 6 Camp

On Friday 9th July we had our first Year 6 Camp on the field. What a great evening it was…

After the disruption we have faced over the past eighteen month, we wanted to give the children an experience that they would remember for a very long time. With thanks to Mr. Brady we were able to arrange tents from the Scouts and we created our own camp village.

Across the evening we had excellent fun. We enjoyed games, played sport, talked with friends and messed about! As the darkness set in, Mr. Brady lit the campfire for an hour of songs and toasted marshmallows. Yum!

Bedtime was close to midnight… but did everyone go straight to sleep?! We’ll leave that to your imagination. What we would say is that the next morning, there were some very tired faces.

Breakfast was inside the hall and we had cereal, croissants and brioche. This was an opportunity to talk all about the night and review all of the events.

At 8:30am, parents and carers arrived to collect the children. They all looked remarkably well rested J

The children’s behaviour was fantastic and they did themselves proud as usual. A big thank you to them. Of course, we also need to say a huge thank you to all of the staff who facilitated the camp. Thank you.

Until next year and next year’s Year 6.


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