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Welcome to the Friars Primary School Library

At Friars we LOVE to read and we are very lucky to have two fantastic, large libraries full of wonderful and diverse books. Our books cover every subject and include both modern and classic fiction.

There are over 10,000 books to choose from, books about adventure, heroes and magicians to books about castles, volcanoes and beautiful countries… plus everything in between.

We use an online library system called Junior Librarian to catalogue, issue and track our books and our pupils can access it both at school AND from home. Using their individual login details given out by their teachers, pupils can log in and look at all the books in our library. This makes using our library very easy, great fun and accessible to everyone.

Using the online system, pupils can search for a particular book or look for books by a specific author. The system will also suggest books that users might like to try based on their genre searches. Our system has the facility for pupils to reserve a book at home and then collect it from the school library the next time their class visits.

We are very interested in our pupils’ opinions of all the books that they read. Following the guidelines, pupils can write a book review. Our librarian, Mrs. Kipling checks the book reviews and then publishes them to the system for other children to enjoy.

For more information about how to use the system, how to complete a book review, or for direct access to the Friars’ Junior Librarian system, please click the buttons below.

If you have any questions or queries about the library, please email Mrs. Dyer our English Leader and Lower Key Stage 2 Phase Leader by emailing the following address:



Happy Reading!

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