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Colchester Zoo

On Wednesday the 15th June 2016 we went to Colchester Zoo because we have been learning all about animals. Everybody in Year 2 went, we drove there in a yellow double decker bus.

First, we looked at a cheeky monkey swinging and a sloth hanging on a straight rope that wasn’t wobbly. At the sea lion show, the sea lion did lots of tricks and the trainer opened the sea lion’s mouth to show us its teeth.

Next we saw some lions but the male lion was coming near the window licking his lips! Luckily he turned around and went back behind the rock! We saw a sun bear fast asleep and it never moved.

At lunch time some crazy Canada geese were coming to eat our lunch like bread, plastic, wood and more!

Later on, we saw a tiger having a nap, he was fast asleep and never woke up. I then saw a long, slithery python.

Finally we went to see the chimpanzees and one looked like a statue.

My best part of the day was seeing the red panda because he stuck his tongue out when he was eating! The funniest part of the day was the geese searching for us around the zoo.

I would recommend Colchester Zoo to people because you can feed lots of animals and see animals close up and get photos of them.

I felt sleepy and very tired going home.

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