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SEESMA Music Festival

Following our success at the Young Voices in January, the Friars’ choir began rehearsing for the SEESMA music festival along with our fabulous school band.

On Friday 17th June, I was proud to take 31 children from across KS2 to the Cliffs Pavilion to perform in the SEESMA music festival. After four months of practising hard after school, to learn a total of 15 songs and actions, the choir were ready to perform. Likewise, our merry band of 15 players played Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and The Rescue Aid Society beautifully. They also accompanied the main choir in Edelweis! Only three of these children have private music tuition and their performance demonstrated how dedicated they have been in order to perform to the level seen on the night.

On both the rehearsal and the evening, their behaviour was exemplary and they were again a credit to the school. We received many compliments from members of the SEESMA committee on the children’s good manners and attitude.

The audience also did us proud when they joined in with the singing and accompanying actions to Edelweis. This caused much confusion amongst everyone but was a huge amount of fun!

Lucy Reeve and Ruby Davy announced our band clearly and with confidence.

I am very proud of all the hard work and dedication the children have put into this and look forward to performing with them all at the Friars Summer Fair!

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