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Walk it

On Monday, Year 5 had some special visitors from the local Road Safety Team, who took them outside to highlight the importance of safe roadside behaviour. In class, the children were presented with their very own fluorescent drawstring backpack to ensure they are visible as they are walking to and from school. They reiterated that it is important to make sure we are seen as we travel around near the road.

After this, the children were given a demonstration on how long it takes cars to break when there is a hazard in the road. The children were shocked to see the distance it actually takes for a driver’s reactions to take place and the breaks to work effectively!

Next, the children took part in a perimeter walk where they looked out for hazards near a road and discussed how and when it is safe to cross, repeating the mantra ‘STOP, LOOK, LISTEN, THINK.’ There was also an important discussion about using electronic devices near the roadside which cause unnecessary accidents due to the distraction of phone screens!

To conclude the visit, the children tested their knowledge on a roadside safety quiz!

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