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Year one campfires

In Year 1, as part of our great fire of London learning, Mrs Bennett's friend Sue came and helped us to make a campfire. She brought her fire pit and we stood around the outside in a circle. We had to use different sized sticks to make the fire. Stick one was as thick as a match. Stick two was as thick as your finger and stick 3 as thick as your wrist!

The flames were beautiful and we could feel the warmth even from the edge of the circle. The fire was very smoky so it was good we were wearing old clothes!

Once the fire was hot, we toasted our brioche rolls on skewers over the fire. We had to turn them so they didn't get burned. Then Sue showed us how to remove them safely and we sat down and ate them. Some of us put butter and jam on.

It was such an amazing way to learn. Sue couldn't believe how much we knew about the great fire of London. She said we were such welcoming and brilliant children.

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