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Chinese New Year celebrations

Chinese New Year was brought to life at Friars Primary School and Nursery when they were visited by a real Chinese Dragon. The children were treated to a traditional dragon dance which was accompanied by loud rhythmic drumming. During the dance, the children fed the dragon with red envelopes containing a silver coin and one child got to feed the dragon a cabbage which it promptly spat out all over them! The red envelopes are said to bring good luck. The children thoroughly enjoyed the show and you could hear exclamations of, “It was amazing” and “I nearly got eaten!” as they left the hall. The dance really inspired the children for their week’s learning all about China. It is a really exciting week where the children will eat Chinese food, learn some of the language, find out about Chinese history and create Chinese items in DT, including terracotta warriors and puppets representing the signs of the New Year!

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