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Celebration Assembly 17th May 2024

KS1 Awards

This week our KS1 certificates were awarded to our Year 1 and Year 2 children for reasons including amazing handwriting and outstanding writing

Buddy Awards went to…. Daisy, Adhaat, Amelia and Skyla.


This week our KS2 certificates were awarded to our children for:

  • excellent artwork

  • working hard

  • a brilliant Year 6 SATs Week

  • being determined

  • fantastic work in outdoor learning


Last week’s winners featured again this week!

You might remember that last Friday, we had a rare three-way tie in Key Stage 2 that involved 3B, 4D and 6L. This week 6L continues with their good form with a winning 97%.

In Key Stage 1, 1MV are winners again with the best attendance in the school this week… 98.3%. Keep it up 1MV!

Team Points

Winners in Key Stage 1 this week were… Windsor… and for Key Stage 2 it was Caernarfon! That means there has been little change in the standings. Good look for our final week before the half term holiday everyone!



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