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Celebration Assembly – 18th November 2022

This week was an extra special celebration assembly as we had a double rollover celebration due to it being our Remembrance Assembly last Friday.

So with double certificates and awards to be had, there were lots of great things to celebrate!

Key Stage 1

Our Key Stage 1 certificates were awarded to the children below for showing brilliant attributes including;

  • Year 1 – being ready to learn, great writing, concentrating and working hard and being helpful around the classroom

  • Year 2 – Much improved participation in discussions, hard work in maths, being a keen all round learner, super writing and for some amazing Kandinsky pastel art work.

Buddy awards

Each week Buddy Awards can be nominated by class mates or the teachers, for the children who are being good friends or demonstrating kindness to others. A big well done to our Buddies this week who showed off all of these special attributes.

Rainbow Readers

Well done to our Rainbow readers this week – Bessie, Toby and Lexi who earnt their red awards, Adhatt who got his orange award and Ozzy who collected his yellow award. A magnificent effort to read at home by everybody!

Key words

This week we had a magnificent 70 key word certificates that were given out, a huge well done to everybody, especially those children earning their gold medals for knowing all of their key words.

Key Stage 2

This week our certificate winners in KS2 earned their awards for all of the amazing things shown below;

  • Year 3 – enthusiasm in English and history lessons, Being ready to learn, writing fluency, perseverance in maths, handwriting improvements, independent writing and for much improved concentration and effort.

  • Year 4 – received awards for transferring their knowledge into their written work, amazing shape poetry, brilliant vocabulary choices in poetry and for being such a good friend to all.

  • Year 5 – for super map work in geography, progress in spellings, amazing learning at home, fabulous language work covering six different languages, super science work and whole class awards recognising the effort and focus of all of the children during the assessments this week.

  • Year 6 – for much improved participation in discussions, growing in confidence every day, writing a great balanced argument, offering brilliant ideas for writing and whole class awards for the fantastic focus and determination to develop their new skills in the embroidery project this week.

Mrs Pinckney’s mathemagicians this week were Harry, Alfie, Toby and Charlie who all demonstrated positive attitudes, improved participation in discussions, focus, concentration and perseverance in their maths challenges this week.

Computing Award

This week the computing trophy was shared between Class 3MV and Class 6G. Mrs Pinckney explained how both classes had demonstrated hard work and computing brilliance to earn the award. The digital leaders from each class, accepted the award on behalf of their classes.

Digital Leaders

Our new team of digital leaders were awarded with their new badges and lanyards this week. They will be wearing them with pride around our corridors as they help us to drive computing forward across the whole school.

Special Assembly Shout Outs

This week our assembly shout outs went to…

  • Alexander (1BR) - for showing amazing manners by opening the door for Mr Burnham

  • Everly (4S) – for earning his pen back due to his much improved handwriting

  • Finley and Isabelle (6B) – for being amazing lunchtime helpers

  • Class 4D – for doing such a brilliant job when presenting our Remembrance Assembly last Friday


This week our Attendance Cups went to Class 2B in KS1 who recorded 93% and Class 4D in KS2 who recorded an impressive 98%.

Our whole school attendance stood at 93% this week.

With it being a double rollover week, there were lots of points to be won and our teams certainly didn’t disappoint with each team earning over 50 points towards their overall totals.

The individual team cups went to Windsor (KS1) and Stirling (KS2) but it’s still Stirling out in front in the race for the Friars Cup as they extended their lead even further this week. Well done to Stormont who have also broken through the 300 point barrier this week.

But who will be lifting the cup at the end of July!

Congratulations to all of our winners this week!


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