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SEESMA Music Festival

After many months of learning the lyrics and the tunes to seventeen songs covering West End musicals, movies and pop songs from a variety of decades, it was time….it was the night of the main performance at the SEESMA music festival at the Cliffs Pavilion – Monday 10th June 2024.

30 of finest singers from Key Stage 2 had practised at the Cliffs in the morning, ensuring that they were coming in and stopping at the right time, dancing in unison and ensuring correct pronunciation. 

In the evening it was the main event. They waited incredibly patiently to allowed up on to the stage whilst dealing with a mixture of nerves, excitement and an overwhelming feeling that they wouldn’t be able to remember anything once the lights went up.

But it was not to be. They were brilliant! Every dance move (and some extra ones), every note and every word uttered was marvellous. It was a fabulous evening and one that created many happy memories for all those that took part and those who proudly watched on. 

Thank you to the children for religiously turning up to practise after practise, to Mrs. Shuttleworth who helped at those practises by encouraging the children to sing to the very best of their ability and to Mrs. Astrella who dealt with the paperwork, coach bookings and who went back stage on Monday night to ensure that our children could see a member of staff. 

It was a night to remember.


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