Friars Parent Council

We now have a Parent Council who can have a voice for parents and help support us on making Friars the very best school it can be!


Here is a list of our Parent Council and the class/es that their children are in:


Scott Fowell - Owls

Clare Davis - Robins

Robert Davis - Robins

Laura Graham - Robins


Laura Antil - 1GJ

Jules Fayle-parr - 1B


Clare Davis - 2B

Robert Davis - 2B

Laura Graham - 2B

Amy Short - 2B

Lydia Salmon - 2SD

Scott Fowell - 2SD


Jane Axcell - 3PL

Dorina Banoss - 3PL

Paul Curry - 3PL

Simba Kanyowa - 3PL & 3T

Wendy Hall - 3PL & 3T


Laura Antil - 4G

Sharon Pease - 4G

Kelly Hatton - 4A

Frances Woodman - 4A


Amanda Drain - 5VW

Claire Duncombe - 5VW

Simba Kanyowa - 5VW

Gordon Willis - 5VW

Victoria Woollard - 5B


Dorina Banoss - 6D

Frances Woodman - 6B


Parent Council minutes