Friars Parent Council

At Friars we believe in working closely with parents to achieve the best results for our children. An important forum in the school is our Parent Council. The Parent Council meets every half-term and gives a platform for parents to become involved in shaping things happening in the school and to provide valuable feedback. We are pleased to have representation for every year group. If you are ever interested in becoming a member of the Parent Council, please contact our school office and either Mr. McClay or Mr. Roche will be in touch.


Here is a list of our Parent Council members and the year group(s) that their children are in:

Robert Davis - Nursery, Year 2 and Year 4

Hazel Doggett - Year 1

Jules Fayle-Parr - Reception and Year 3

Scott Fowell - Year 2 and Year 4

Wendy Hall - Year 5

Kelly Hatton - Year 6

Sharon Pease - Year 6

Amy Short - Year 6

Michael Turrington - Year 1

Frances Woodman - Year 6

Parent Council minutes