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Thriftwood Wednesday 22nd June 2016

After a tense wait, 39 very excited children boarded the coach. Despite the rain, a group of brave parents came to give us a send-off and at 10:30am we were off!

After an uneventful journey, we arrived. Despite the fact we told the coach driver the children should be walking down, he took pity on them and dropped them off at the camp site. After unloading all their gear, they settled down to enjoy a picnic lunch – it wasn’t raining!

Once lunch was eaten, they all went off for a site orientation with many returning very muddy after finding all the puddles on the way. Then they set off to start their various afternoon activities.

Talia and Crystal showed their skills as archers and Ellie-Mai persevered on the slack lining (team building tight-rope). Jack P, Claydon, Travis, Evie, Hollie and Nathan conquered the climbing wall; managing to reach the dizzy heights at the top.

After returning, they finally found their tent groups and had great fun setting up their homes for the next few days.

Once they’d finished setting up tents and having some free time to explore the woods, they all gathered together to set off for the Cresta Run where much fun was had zooming down the track and then climbing back up.

It was then time to return for dinner. Mrs Brady cooked up hot dog and chips or pasta bake followed by cake or ice-lollies. There was plenty to go round and everyone got seconds- some even thirds!!

After some games and adventures in the woods, it was time to settle into the tents and begin the long process of calming down and maybe getting some sleep ready for tomorrow.

After the children all went to bed around 11pm, they finally started to drift off when the first thunder and lightning started. They were all very brave and didn't make any fuss - other than to wake up! By 12:30am the storm had passed and they were all sound asleep. However, storm 2 arrived at about 2am with a big flash and bang. With this Mrs Lincoln and Mrs Brady did a site walk to check all were OK.

All children except four were fast asleep and the four girls were moved due to a small leak in the sleeping area. They spent the rest of the night tucked up indoors.

At about 4:30am they all began to wake up, but due to the rain they all stayed inside their tents until breakfast.

Thanks go to the Thriftwood staff who came round at 3am to check that we were all safe and sound. Tonight's back up plan is to stay in the bunk house - just in case!

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