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Thriftwood Thursday 23rd June 2016

Day 2

Following their very early start this morning, the children had an energy-boosting breakfast of cereal and toast. After that, they spent their time moving their belongings indoors in anticipation of more rain!

Afterwards, we sorted the children into their new dorm rooms for the following night’s stay. They unpacked and made themselves at home for the night, before coming back to their groups to get ready for the activities ahead.

We had a few high climbers today, but many others conquered their own fears to reach their own personal bests on the climbing wall! Fear conqueror of the day goes to Max, who stopped a short way up the wall, but then after some encouragement pushed himself to double the height he had already climbed! Speaking of conquering fears, we had the opportunity to enter the 3D maze. We know our children are amazing but they proved it as the majority of them tackled it despite being afraid to start with.

The groups also tackled some tricky problems in the woods that required team work and brain power – the children wowed the instructors with their determination and problem solving skills! Other activities which the children took part in today were archery, Inflata-bull and slack-lining, where the children needed to work in a team to walk a slack-line between two poles. Evie, Holly, Lucy and Aaliyah impressed the instructor with their balance and concentration, even managing to walk the slack-line without support towards the end.

Now the children are chilling out and drying out (we have a few with a penchant for jumping in muddy puddles!) playing board games and playing in the trees now that the weather has begun to brighten and dry up. They are waiting for their scrumptious dinner tonight – a choice of mild chilli or jacket potato with beans or cheese. Later on we will have marshmallows and hot chocolate and enjoy some evening entertainment.

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