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Children In Need

What a brilliant day we had!!! We will let you know the final count but we know the children and staff of Friars raised over £600 for this charity!!!

The children and staff were dressed in their pjs, onesies and Pudsey paraphernalia and everyone looked amazing, as you can see by the pictures.

We had a whole school assembly to award prizes for the staff bake-off and some of the cakes provided by the children were soooooo good we had to award a few prizes for them too (Well done Esmee from Reception and Michael from Year 6). Mrs Dyer did her usual skulduggery and entered a shop bought cake into the competition - as if we wouldn't notice! Mr Aggus thought he would win if he added a few sparklers to his brownies, but that was not to be. Mr Reeve has talents we didn't know and produced a wonderful Pudsey cake, but he came runner-up to another member of staff. With her three tier cake, Mrs Overy set the bar very high for years to come. Mrs Overy was a worthy winner of the staff bake-off - a big 'congratulations' to her!

Raffle tickets were on sale throughout the day for the children to win one of the wonderful cakes created by the staff and children. Thank you everyone who baked and everyone who bought tickets.

Throughout the day the children were able to buy cakes kindly donated by parents and it made for a very happy day for all. Once the school council had been round the whole school selling cakes, they went round again and again. Thank you to all parents who provided the cakes.

Mr Telling and Mr Reeve, supported by some helpful Year 6 children, organised the basketball shoot-out. The shoot-out continued throughout the day and culminated in a winners' shoot-out on Monday. The final winners were George R Year 2, Jimmy D Year 3, and Claydon C Year 6.

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