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Show Racism the Red Card

Don’t judge a book by its cover! Children in year 4 and 5 both found this to be true today when they worked with a charity committed to removing racism from our communities - Show Racism the Red Card. The children had a fabulous day taking part in lively activities about what racism is, the right words to use to not offend people and feelings associated with this issue. They worked in teams during a fun fitness session to explore how we all need each other and that difference can be interesting and helpful. Following watching a DVD about this issue, the children shared their thoughts and feelings in such a mature and thoughtful way that the trainers from the charity said, “It has been a pleasure to work with the children at Friars!”

Black or white it doesn’t matter,

Tell a teacher and you’ll be better.

Racism isn’t the way,

Tell your feelings in a different way.

Beth Year 4

Your mother is white,

Your father is white.

You tell me, I am

Only half a person.

Half a person?

Half a computer,

Half a box,

Half a brush,

No-one would want one of these.

You can call me names,

It’s a great shame.

It makes me cry,

I wonder why?

Skye Year 4

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