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Basketball tournament

On Wednesday the 11th January, the Year 5 & 6 teams had a basketball tournament. We warmed up first before we started to play every school. First we played Thorpe Hall and the score was 4-0 to us!

Secondly we played Bournemouth Park and it was 6-0 to them but in basketball every goal scored is counted as 2 points so they were really tricky to beat and only scored 3.

The next school we played were Greenways and we drew 2-2 .They were hard to play but we were all pleased that we drew.

Finally we played Chalkwell. The score was 0-0 but we did not mind although. It was good because Chalkwell had beaten everyone else.

This meant we did not make the Super 8 stages and even though we played well we didn't score enough goals. We were all proud of our achievements and had a great time.

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