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Rounders tournament

During the morning Year 5 took part in their tournament and after going through some difficult rules they struggled in the first game against Heycroft. Unfortunately Heycroft were very good in the field and although their tactics could have been seen as boring, they were very effective. This meant we lost our first game and needed to beat West Leigh in the final game. The team didn’t start well in the field and gave away a couple of rounders and unfortunately did not recover from this and lost 7-2. A big learning experience for the Year 5 children who will work harder next year and hopefully this will improve the performance.

In the afternoon, in the glorious sunshine, it was the Year 6 competition and our 9 children arrived excited to do well. The groups were announced and we were drawn with Chalkwell Hall and Alleyn Court, this meant a difficult path to the quarter-finals would be required. Chalkwell dominated the game against us with some excellent fielding, and even more impressive catching, meant that we had lost the first game. The second game we fielded really well in the game and kept them down to just 4 ½ rounders scored. Typically though the Alleyn Court team fielded really well and we could only manage 2 rounders, which wasn’t enough to progress to the quarter-finals. In the end it turned out we were beaten by the teams finishing second and third in the whole tournament so we were really unlucky.

Well done to everyone that took part.

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