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On Tuesday the 16th May, the School Council, plus an additional child from each class, spent the whole day taking part in a Bully Beats Workshop. After some ice breaking games, the day began with a brainstorming session on the topic of ‘what is bullying?’ The children showed real insight into what bullying behaviour looks like and the feelings in which it can result. Next they were set the task to write their own anti-bullying song!

Mr Nathan demonstrated to the children different ways to create lyrics. He also talked about how to write for different audiences and what makes a good song. The children made links to the use of poetic devices and really impressed him with their knowledge of this! It wasn’t long before they were able to start writing some of their own lyrics reflecting the images and feelings they had discussed earlier.

All the children chose their favourite lyrics to create the chorus and they were inspired by Mr Nathan’s own songs he shared with them. Did you know Mr Nathan wrote the theme tune for Pepper Pig?

In small groups, children wrote their own verses and chose their favourite to record, rehearsing three times before they used the microphone! The end result is fantastic and has a very powerful message. Every child contributed to its production and can be heard singing on the final track.

You can find Friars Anti Bullying Song here:

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