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Thriftwood - Day two

After a lively evening of playing and hot chocolate we all collapsed into our tents and eventually fell asleep, only to be awake again by 4am! We stayed in our tents until 7am and then ventured up to the hall and awaited breakfast. Mrs Brady cooked up a scrummy bacon or egg roll for those that wanted it or there was plenty of toast as an alternative.

10am the activities began. New groups conquered the climbing wall, we improved our target practice with the crossbows and tested our mental and team building skills in the Problem Solving arena. After 2 hours we needed refuelling so back we went in order to make our own packed lunches which we were very delicious. After our pit stop off we went again to experience more new things.

After some free time, we had another lovely dinner of jacket potato or chili con carne followed by ice-cream. Than the exciting part the camp fire which was kindly provided for by 1st Shoeburyness Scout Group.

We sang songs, did lots of actions and had a really good time, especially watching the teachers try to follow some of the actions. Than we toasted our own marshmallow and made smorgs, which were again delicious.

By the time that was over we were all very tired and ready for our beds – we have another action packed day planned where we will get to test our water skills and of course head home.

Shane Baker said “Mrs Lees I’d like to tell you what I would change about Thriftwood”

Mrs Lees “What’s that Shane?”

Shane replied “Nothing!”

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