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Thriftwood - Day three

After an action packed Thursday we were all very tired and had a lay in. We didn’t get up until Mrs Lincoln blew the whistle at 7am! We all made our way up to the hall for breakfast and details of today’s activities – today we were going on the water.

After breakfast and some packing we all headed off to the lake. Half did the kayaking first while the other group started on the rafts. Whilst some of us were really keen and excited a few were a little nervous, however after a while they gave it a go and everyone was having fun on the water. In kayaking we played a variety of games, shark and fishes and catch the tennis balls.

On rafting we paddled around in our groups before jumping in to cool off. Once both groups had been on each activity it was time to walk back to camp – we were all very wet by this point – so we needed to get changed and finish packing before lunch.

Once lunch was finished we completed our packing and prepared ourselves for the last walk. We were than able to visit the shop where we got to purchase our souvenirs whilst we waited for the coach.

Then the time arrived where we had to say our final goodbyes to Thriftwood, the coach arrived and we all clambered on board, very tired, a little muddy but happy after such a busy few days.

Thank you Thriftwood for having us – we all had an amazing time!

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