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Borough Sports

On the 20th June 2017 students from Friars Primary School participated in Borough Sports for Key Stage 2 at Garons Park. There were 8 schools in our group.

Tristan took part in long jump and he achieved second place out of the eight schools. Nathan was running the 600 metres – he didn’t overtake until later on in the race. He came 4th; he ran extremely fast considering the heat!

Suhailah threw her javelin the furthest; she threw 10.60 metres, which was really far. Denim was the next thrower; he got 12.56 metres and 13.40 which was even better! He came 3rd out of the Year 5 group of boys.

The people that took part in shotput performed really well too. Like javelin, they had 3 throws. Eboni threw for Year 6 girls and Michael threw for Year 6 boys – it was good to see them trying their best!

Loukas threw first for the Year 5 boy’s ball throw event. It was surprising how far he threw the ball. He threw it even further on his second attempt. Next was the Year 6 girls and Lilli – Mai threw the ball so far I could barely see it. Lily O did the 600 metre sprint she came third which like with Nathan was great considering the heat.

Year 5 relay for boys was next and Gideon participated really well and was in a close race with Keian, Donald and Harry. He took over the other boys and surprisingly came 5th.

Year 6 for girls and boys went extremely well Evie, Brooke, Lucy and Emma all came 1st which is amazing! Tristan, Kian, Nathan and Christian came 3rd which is also fantastic.

On the day we had victories for Evie in Year 6 sprint, Lucy in the Year 6 long jump, Emma in Year 6 Javelin, Ashton in Year 4 Ball throw and the Year 6 girls relay team.

Well done to everyone who took part!

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