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Year 6 Cyber safety talk

Year 6 had a 'Cyber Safety Talk' from Essex Fire Brigade on Tuesday afternoon. The Fire Brigade have teamed up with Essex Police to ensure that the message of how to stay safe online is getting through to children. The main points of the talk were that if the children were ever unsure about who they were talking to, they should tell someone that they trust; they should ALWAYS check their privacy settings on a regular basis, whatever app they may be using; they should not give out personal details online; if they are going to post pictures online they should ensure that they are not giving information away by mistake e.g. Putting a picture of themselves online in their uniform etc. It was an essential reminder of the problems faced when using social media on a regular basis. Stuart (who did the talk) reminded the children that both they and their parents need to be proactive when dealing with cyber security.

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