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Science Week

What a brilliant start to our Science Week! Mrs Dyer led our assembly where she told us all about the different forms of science (biology, chemistry, physics etc). Mrs Dyer also showed us lots of famous scientists and told us what they were famous for, which was extremely informative. These scientists included Einstein, Newton, Curie and Attenborough and it was brilliant to hear about their discoveries and the impact they have had on society (most recently the new awareness we have about how plastic is ruining the ocean).

Mrs Dyer went on to demonstrate three excellent experiments and asked the children to see if they can find out how they worked. The first was a £5.00 note put in the bottom of a glass and then put upside down into a bowl of water – the £5.00 note remained dry! The second was a playing card put on top of a glass of water and when the glass was turned upside down the water stayed in the glass! Finally, Mrs Dyer stood Mrs Lees and Mrs Snow either side of her and then she swung around a bucket full of water! But none of the water came out! Mrs Lees and Mrs Snow were very thankful for this.

The children will be doing lots of investigations this week, culminating in our Science Fayre on Thursday where each class will have a stall and the rest of the school will visit. Hopefully everyone will see just how much fun science can be with a lot of learning along the way of course!

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