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Science Fayre

British Science Week is the 9th to 18th March. To celebrate this, Friars Primary School & Nursery in Shoeburyness, began the week with an assembly, talking about the purpose of science, and how it is split into the three subjects of biology, physics and chemistry. The children learnt about a variety of scientists that had challenged the way people think in the past and showing the way ahead in the future – scientists such as Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking. The children were also treated to some investigations that looked slightly like magic tricks!

On the Thursday, Friars opened its first Science Fayre! Each year group, from Nursery to Year 6 chose a different aspect of science to share with the other year groups. EYFS chose a variety of practical investigations, Year 2 were getting their hands dirty with plant growth, Year 3 were exploring ‘Scintillating Skeletons’, whilst Year 4 had to put up with ‘Sickly Stomachs’ and also investigated how we hear. Year 5 were experimenting with sound and Year 6 were playing with electricity and delving into light and optical illusions.

Each class had a stall with a group of children representing their class and being the scientists. They explained to the other pupils who visited their stall what their investigation was about and encouraged everyone to take part in the practical activities.

Joshua W, Year 3, said “It is all so good and organised”

Lily and Owen, Year 4, said that it was really good to learn in this way.

Mitchell and Mohammed, Year 2, said, “We are so inspired that we want to be scientists when we grow up!”

It was a great day and the whole week has given the children a renewed enthusiasm for science and how much fun it can be!

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