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C2C Competition

On Friday 22nd March 2019, two excited children from 3WL visited Shoebury station with Miss Gibbons and Mr Reeve to pick up some prizes!

A competition was launched by Miss Gibbons for children to design their vision for Shoeburyness railway station in the future to celebrate it’s 135th anniversary. Alice Burrage, and Logan Burgess were not only the youngest to enter the competition from over 50 competitors around Shoebury schools, but they came away with second and first prize! Burgess’ design can be see framed and on display at Shoebury station, and we have some pictures of Alice’s design which received second place and was displayed on the day too.

The children got to meet the Southend Mayor and many other important names and faces linked to the C2C railway service and the Shoeburyness Residents Assoscation. On top of their prizes, the children also received a very special badge to commemorate the station’s birthday – there were only 50 of the badges made in the world! Very exciting day and we are very proud of our little competition winners.

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