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Family Picnic

This year, Friars Primary School and Nursery, decided to have the Sports Days and Summer Picnic on the same day. The Parent Council had suggested this would help working families who would need to take time off work. What a brilliant success! The weather certainly smiled on everyone – it was supposed to rain by lunch – instead there was blazing sunshine.

Families enjoyed the school picnic with a gift of bubbles, or brought their own, and enjoyed the company of others as they relaxed on the field. Ice-lollies, ice-creams and cold drinks were sold and these proved very popular on such a hot day! Everyone soaked up the sunshine and enjoyed the delicious food and it was lovely to see whole families together, including lots of grandparents. Well done to all of the parents who stepped up to the tug-of-war at the end of the day – it was very impressive!

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