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Year 6 London Bus Theatre Company Visit

Yesterday, the London Bus Theatre Company visited Year 6 to talk to them about alcohol and smoking, how this relates to them now and what scenarios they may be faced with in the future. To begin with, the children completed some drama activities to boost their confidence and encourage them to work with each other. Topics touched on were how much alcohol is a sensible amount to consume, how their peers may influence them with their choices and their behaviour, how alcohol impairs your judgments and your actions and how they have to be 18 before you can buy alcohol. The children were advised to not get into a car if the driver has been drinking or smoking prohibited materials. If they had any concerns, that they should find a suitable adult to share their concerns with. Some of the children were able to wear specially adapted glasses that created the effect of being 'over the limit' on their sight and then they tried, unsuccessfully to kick a balloon. It was explained to them how big brands such a 'Budweiser' sponsor huge events like the rugby World Cup or pop concerts and their advertising is everywhere, therefore, so is their influence. The children were taught that alcohol is actually a pain killer; alcohol stops you from making coherent and reasonable thoughts. In small groups, the children were asked to act out short plays as to how alcohol can affect friendships and those children that were watching then commented on what happened, why it happened and how the friendship was affected. Did you know that it only takes 7 seconds for alcohol to enter the bloodstream and only 7 minutes for that alcohol to have affected every part and every organ of your body? At the end, the children were asked to reflect on what the had learnt and what choices they might make in the future.

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