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Celebration Assemblies

Despite it being book week we still had the chance to celebrate all of the great things going on in the classrooms this week.

Key Stage 1

Well done to our winners in Key Stage 1 who earned an achievement leaf this week for either impressing their teachers through their great work or attitude to school or for being nominated as a good buddy by the other children in their class.

A special mention goes to Abigail for learning all of her Year 1 keywords and earning her gold medal– well done Abigail!

The attendance cup was shared by Owls and 1B ,both with a very impressive 99.3%

Stirling won the team cup in KS1

Key Stage 2

This week our winners in KS2 displayed our core values of independence, perseverance and resilience to earn their certificates Well done!

The attendance cup was won by 6B with 99.3%

Stirling did the double and also won the team points cup for Key Stage 2 this week. Great job Stirling!

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