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Boys Football Tournament

Including: Brayden, Alfie P, Taylor, Tylor, Riley B, Riley M, Olly, Dominik and Joe

On the way to the tournament all of us were singing on the minibus. When we arrived, we lined up and then we were taken into the Len Forge grounds. We congregated in a corner and started to do our training. When we were called over, we were told the rules and we observed a 2 minute silence for Remembrance. Finally, we were given a pitch number…

In the first match we lost 2-0 and after this we had a break and started to train in the corner again until we had our second match. In the second match we went down to a narrow 1-0 loss. We recovered with a drink then watched the next two matches. The third match was another defeat… 2-0. After that, we trained again and got ready for our next fixture which was a 4-0 loss. We packed up our bags and went to are lunch area. Over lunch, we talked about how we had been playing and remained positive.

After lunch we went back to our area and started to warm up until we were called over again for the pitch number we would be on. We waited for two games and then we lost our fifth game 1-0: but we played better than we did in the morning! After that we had a further defeat in our sixth game before drawing 0-0 in game number 7! We then had a three-match break. In our final match we drew again… 1-1. That was the end of our tournament and we were told we could leave and head back to school.

On the way back, we talked about our games. Everyone had a great time and we are looking forward to our next tournament.

Written by Brayden


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