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Celebration Assembly 14th June 2024

KS1 Awards

This week our KS1 certificates were awarded to our Year 1 and Year 2 children for:

  • super science vocabulary

  • excellent team points

  • improvement in maths

  • excellent reading

  • creating a wonderful poster

  • creation story pictures in RE

  • Excellent effort in swimming for 1MV

  • always doing early morning work independently

Buddy Awards went to…. Beth, Ellen, Sophia and Freddie I.


This week our KS2 certificates were awarded to our children for:

  • focus and attention on work

  • amazing cooperation and maturity

  • great narrative writing

  • stepping in at Borough Sports as a last-minute replacement

  • excellent manners when taking lunch

  • great questioning skills

  • excellent homework project

  • determination and focus in writing

  • detail in writing

  • extra effort in learning

Special mentions went to:

  • the non-Thriftwood Year 5 children for being great all week and especially at the beach.

  • Borough Sports children for great effort

  • Choir children 


A busy morning in our school office and Year 5 being out on the Thriftwood Residential, meant a decision was made to share the attendance results on Monday. Watch out for next week’s newsletter which will mention ‘double attendance’.

Team Points

This week saw the yellow team triumph in Key Stage 1 and the green team in Key Stage 2. With Windsor not being at the top in either key stage, it does mean their overall lead has narrowed a little. 34 points is certainly not insurmountable and one of the other teams could still topple the reds…



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