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Celebration Assembly – 4th November 2022

It was a big welcome back to the second part of our Autumn Term and the children certainly didn’t disappoint as they demonstrated all of their great learning this week.

Key Stage 1

In KS1 our certificate winners were recognised for their fabulous firework dancing, their focused learning, their great mathematical explanations and their super writing. Along with awards for brilliant presentation, acting positively to advice, applying their maths skills and for amazing computing work.

Buddy awards

This week our Buddy Awards focused on sharing, playing with somebody who didn’t have anybody to play with, being super helpful and kind to others and for helping to tidy up the classroom. Thank you Buddies!

Rainbow Readers

Super job to our Rainbow Readers (pictured below) this week and all of the 23 Key word certificate recipients who have been working so hard with their reading at home.

Special congratulations to Avie for earning her gold medal award for learning ALL of her key words. A magnificent effort!

Key Stage 2

This week our certificate winners in KS2 earned their awards for the amazing independence, perseverance, attitude, hard work, effort and resilience shown throughout their learning.

A fabulous job done by all!

Pen Licences

A huge well done to our Pen Licence recipients this week – Toby, Ava and Penelope all from Class 5A.


Our KS1 Attendance Cup went to Class 1BU with 95% and the KS2 Attendance Cup went to Class 5A with a perfect 100%. Wow…well done 5A

Our whole school attendance stood at 95% this week.

Team Points

Blue was certainly the colour as Stirling stormed to victory in both KS1 and KS2, where they shared the Team Cup with Windsor.

After such a strong week, it’s still Stirling out in front in the race for The Friars Cup!

Congratulations to all of our winners this week!


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