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Grandparent visit to 2S

On Friday 30th September, some of the children’s grandparents came to visit our class. They talked about their childhoods and brought along treasured toys from when they were children. 2S were fascinated with Mr Salmon’s toy cars, books and model kits and he talked about how he learnt to read at school when he was just six.

Mr and Mrs Turrington shared a sixty five year old teddy and variety of dolls, as well as a working toy sewing machine. These items were also brought alive by black and white photographs showing sights of yesteryear.

Esther’s nan answered lots of questions about the different playground equipment they had in her childhood such as the witch’s hat. Sophia T’s great grandad talked about the food that he ate when he was young with sausage and mash being a favourite. Mrs Snow remembered Mr Salmon’s book all about ‘Crackerjack’. It’s Friday, it’s 5 o’clock and it’s…………. CRACKERJACK!

What a super afternoon of nostalgia and learning about the past. Thank you so much to the adults for joining us.


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