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IoW Day 4

We are coming towards the end of our last full day on the IoW and what a superb day it has been. Today was all about Robin Hill Country Park.

Robin Hill is in a picturesque countryside setting and is really beautiful. We began this morning by riding the pirate ship and train before heading to the 4D cinema. There were two short films on show – a rollercoaster experience and a chase with robots! After that we watched a superb bird show with owls and other birds of prey. It was full of interesting facts and the three birds flew so close to our heads that we could feel the air moving. Then it was lunch by the lake.

The early afternoon was spent playing football and other games, enjoying the toboggan ride and playing on the ‘Ripple’. Of course many of us had ice creams and slushies… after all the sun was out and it was warm 😊. The second part of the afternoon saw us hanging in the trees… literally… as there were tree top walkways, nets to climb and ‘Squirrel Tower’. Tonight we will be getting our moves on at the end of week disco.

It has been a great week… but it’s still not quite over. There’s still fun to be had.

Have a good evening,

The Year 6 IoW 2023 Crew


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