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Friars School Council


School Council


The School Council is always involved in big school decisions and we regularly look to the group for ideas to make our school the best it can be. Over the past years the School Council has really shaped what our school looks like, making many key decisions. We talk together about everything from the playground , the curriculum and learning to school meals. Every year, we even get to choose some of the school meal options. Yum!


In 2023-24, the School Council will continue to work closely with the School Leadership Team. Thank you in advance to all of our School Councillors



Our school councillors for 2023 - 24 are:

Harvey and Ralph 3B

Jonathan and Tommy 3KA

Alex and Emily 4D

Thea and Vinnie 4S

Chazo and Lyric 5A

Bradley and Eva 5BW

Olly and Tilly 6B

Gracie and Taylor 6L

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