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Year 4 Book Week

Before the Spring break, Year 4 pupils were very lucky to be visited by an author during our rescheduled book week. This author was particularly special because he was in fact a parent of children that attend Friars!

Year 4 listened in awe as Mr Nicholls explained how he came to write his story and which books inspired him (including The Lion, he Witch and the Wardrobe which we had been studying in class!) and he also shared some of the illustrations his children created for some of the characters, and how a designer had brought these to life to use within the book.

The children loved hearing a chapter of The Magical Secret of The Crystal Kingdom - they were desperate to hear more of the story and are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to keep reading about the children’s adventures and the mythical creatures inside the book.

Here is a link, as promised to our children, to the free online version of the book:

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